What Is eLearning And Top 10 Benefits Of eLearning

•eLearning is the process of learning through digital media and technologies, which can be accessed at any time.
• The cost of eLearning is one of its main advantages, as there are no high-priced textbooks or other materials necessary. Additionally, it is environmentally friendly.
eLearning courses are frequently updated with new information to keep the content relevant in a rapidly changing world.
• Self-paced learning allows students to set their own speed and review course material as necessary.
• Sensory interaction during an eLearning course engages a learner’s eyes, ears, and hands to improve recall later on.
• Individualized course content means that students can receive instruction in a more focused and open manner according to their degree of understanding .
8elearning also offers scalability for organizations who want to provide training for their staff members . And finally , it provides consistency by delivering uniform teaching across users .


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