What Are Mobile Learning Solutions?

• Mobile learning solutions which provide just-in-time learning can help a business make workers more productive with improved performances.
• Mobile learning solutions have become a useful resource for businesses today because many employees have deskless jobs these days.
• The biggest consideration when coming up with these solutions is to see whether the users need to access the learning solutions outside the office or their homes in a non-conventional environment.
• Uses Of Mobile Learning Solutions: Smartphone-based learning solutions are extremely useful for employees to catch up with any changes at work through training. With mobiles, employees can be updated about any changes in company rules.
• If an employee has not given any feedback regarding a simulation on a mobile app or added the quiz scores related to it on this LMS portal, this clearly means they have not seen the simulation – such behavior must be acknowledged; otherwise, the company cannot benefit from mobile learning solutions even when they are available in an offline mode.
Mobile Learning Solutions Vs. Mobile Apps: Any organization that is opting for apps puts itslearning plan at risk because of problems that can arise in the app’s functioning -Mobilelearning solutions are a much better alternative to mobile apps because latter frequentlycrashes, causing inaccess


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