Vizzy Seeks Early Adopters For Vizzy Studio

•Vizzy Studio is a web-based platform that allows podcasters to add images, chapters, and links to their audio.
• Vizzy Studio has been released in response to listener behaviour.
• CEO and founder Nic Ivanov said that the use of multiple still images will provide additional context and engagement for listeners; new commerce opportunities for creators; and make podcast advertising more attractive for brands that want to showcase their products.
• Vizzy Studio works with any genre, including true crime, books, history/education, children’s podcasts, travel podcasts, photography podcasts, NFT podcasts , art Podcasts , health Podcasts , film Podcasts , etc.
• Beta users in the podcaster community have given positive feedback about the product.
• The launch is timed to follow quickly behind the Apple iOS16 update which provides even more screen real estate for iPhone users to enjoy visually enriched podcasts.


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