Unlocking the Secrets of Online Peer Learning

• Lecture-type training has its place in the learning process, but so too does peer learning, especially as more corporate learning opportunities move online.
• In a peer learning set-up, you tap into a wealth of different experiences and perspectives. Knowledge sharing and cross-skilling are enhanced, as are collaboration and team work.
• Peer learning is also preferred by the majority of employees.
• It’s a tale as old as L&D itself that everything we learn will quickly be forgotten if we don’t apply it. Peer learning gives a way to make Learning stick by encouraging people to discuss ideas, explain themselves, actively listen to others, and refine their thinking.
• Power skills are tricky to build in a classroom but practicing them is essential for making Learning stick. When I was the chief Learning officer at LinkedIn my team created Conscious Business; A four-week cohort based mostly asynchronous peer-to -peer online program that required only one live hour session per week focused on building these power skills . The weekly sessions started with an overview of that week’s topic followed by discussion questions then participants were given an assignment related to the skill being learned that week which they completed with one person from their peer group followed up by


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