Stakeholders Who Can Benefit From LMS For Nonprofits

•LMS software can help improve the credibility of nonprofits by making them more transparent.
• Beneficiaries can use LMS to find out more about the organization, its visitors, how much money is raised, and what it’s used for. They can also suggest areas of need for the nonprofit to focus on.
Employees have access to support tools that improve productivity and keep them in the loop via microlearning libraries, live events, or full-fledged certification courses.
• Partners (commercial organizations) can use LMS portals to review potential candidates or interview candidates for internships or jobs.
• Volunteers can look through projects on LMS to see where their skills are best suited or upload their volunteer profiles to help the organization place them appropriately. If they’re traveling as part of their voluntourism, they can arrange travel and accommodation via LMS, as well as learn about culture, language social mores, and dialects ahead of time..
• Contributors (donors and sponsors)can explore projects undertaken by the nonprofit on LMS which provides accountability because they see tangible proof of what their money is doing.. They might get involved in new projects that catch their eye.. You launch a donor certification course so…


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