Libsyn Introduces Podcast Creation & Recording Features And New Interface

•Libsyn, the leading “Podcasting As A Service” platform, announced the rollout of enhancements to the Libsyn platform that delivers the most intuitive, user-friendly, and innovative experience for podcasters.
• Among the features are the integration of Studio into Libsyn, allowing creators to record their podcast inside the Libsyn toolset, as well as a brand-new navigation and user experience.
• “We’ve built Libsyn to be a one-stop destination for…established podcasters to access everything they need to unleash their full creative potential,” said Yvette Meanse,…Senior Product Manager,…Libsyn.
• Seamless Integration of Libsysn Studio: an all-in-one podcast planning recording and distribution platforms now fully integrated within…Libsysn.
Studio is designed to benefit both new podcasters and experienced creators who want a simple reliable fast recording solution – and it will continue…to serve as…the fastest easiest way…to create launch a podcast for..Libsysn creators.
Studio is now exclusively included with all consumer plans –and episodes published with Studio won’t count towards storage limits .
• The Addition of Reusable Chapters & Editing: With sample recordings […]

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