eLearning Topics That Are Sure To Bring Readers Yuletide Cheer [December 2022 Edition]

• Employees are a great source of information and support in any organization, but it can be difficult to encourage them to share what they know.
• L&D pros can improve collaboration by doing activities that make the most of in-house experts.
• It is important to create training videos that are immersive and engaging. You can even include tips to create interactive eLearning videos that offer feedback and on-the-spot assessment.
• How can eLearning professionals prepare for their first online course development project? Which skills should they cultivate? How do they research the subject matter and choose the ideal delivery methods?
• We’ve all seen courses or JIT support resources that missed the mark and left us even more confused. What are some common mistakes that you’ve encountered and how eLearning pros avoid them?
• What are some creative ways to incorporate Mixed Reality into online training programs? Are there any limitations that L&D pros should consider when using VR or AR for learning purposes?


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