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A Complete Guide To Being A CMO Or Head Of Marketing

What Is A CMO? The Head Of Marketing Role Explained (+Tips To Be Successful) Summary: Have you ever thought about why some companies succeed while others fall into obscurity? Simply put, it’s all the head of marketing. Find out what a CMO does and which skills are necessary for […] Article source at: elearningindustry.com

Building A Business Case For Strategic L&D Investments And Securing Budgets

Standret/Shutterstock.com Summary: In this article, I outline strategies and best practices that you can leverage to confidently secure the necessary resources and budgets to drive impactful L&D initiatives. The Strategic Value Of L&D Investments Investing in Learning and Development (L&D) is crucial, especially during turbulent times. Economic downturns, rapid […] Article source at: elearningindustry.com

From Chaos To Clarity: Navigating Your LMS Migration

123graphic/Shutterstock.com Summary: Migrating to a new LMS requires careful planning, data cleanup, selecting the right migration method, defining roles, user training, and thorough testing. This guide outlines essential steps to ensure a seamless transition, enhancing the experience for all stakeholders. A Step-By-Step Guide For LMS Migration Migrating from one […] Article source at: elearningindustry.com

How To Overcome 7 Common Remote Leadership Hurdles

eamesBot/Shutterstock.com Summary: With more companies switching to a remote work model, many leaders are struggling to effectively manage and inspire their teams. Explore the most common remote leadership hurdles that businesses encounter, as well as ways to overcome them. How Can You Lead Your Remote Team Effectively? With remote […] Article source at: elearningindustry.com

Putting The Behaviors Of Learning Leadership Into Practice

Master The Behaviors That Drive Success Learning leadership isn’t about the title that appears on your business card or where you appear in your organization’s org chart. It’s also not about traits that people do or do not have. Leadership is about the choices we make and the behaviors […] Article source at: elearningindustry.com

Can Your Career Development Strategy Compete At The Olympic Level?

eamesBot/Shutterstock.com Summary: As the summer Olympics vibe kicks in, imagine L&D pros as scouts spotting trends like career development’s rise from number nine to four. To optimize career growth, lean into mentorship, adapt to evolving skills, and anchor your organization with a strong learning culture. Is Your Strategy Olympic-Worthy? […] Article source at: elearningindustry.com

How SmartBuyGlasses Is Training Remote Employees

talentlms.com Summary: Discover how SmartBuyGlasses deploys engaging training for a remote workforce with TalentLMS to help them to their full potential. What Engaging Global Training Looks Like What Engaging Global Training Looks Like We incentivize learners to complete courses so they can apply what they’ve learned more successfully. – […] Article source at: elearningindustry.com

Game-Based Learning: Transforming Corporate L&D, Creating A Workforce Of Tomorrow

Dmitry Geldt/Shutterstock.com Comments Summary: Game-based learning is revolutionizing corporate Learning and Development, enhancing employee engagement and skill acquisition. By using interactive training games and gamification, companies can create a future-ready workforce. Revamp Corporate L&D With Game-Based Learning In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies are constantly seeking innovative methods to […] Article source at: elearningindustry.com

No-Code Automation In HR

eamesBot/Shutterstock.com +2 Summary: Discover how HR can utilize no-code automation to streamline processes, enhance remote work, and boost efficiency in the evolving work landscape. In the remote work era, HR departments face unique challenges. Traditional workflows often need adaptation. No-code automation tools provide a solution, allowing HR to streamline […] Article source at: elearningindustry.com

Mastering Inquiry-Based Learning Online

WHYFRAME/Shutterstock.com June 16, 2024 5 minutes to read Comments Summary: Discover everything about inquiry-based learning and explore its application in your online classes. Read up on this educational approach and transform the way you teach. The Basics Of Inquiry-Based Learning Imagine a classroom where students aren’t just sitting back […] Article source at: elearningindustry.com