AdLarge Publishes 2022 Podcast Buying Guide

•AdLarge has released the 2022 Podcast Buying Guide V5.0, which focuses on brand alignment, ad quality, and the evolution of the marketplace.
• According to Ilwira Marciszek, AdLarge Senior VP, Head of Revenue Operations & Digital Sales,”We’ve entered a new era of advertising in the industry.”
• Magellan AI reports that almost 2,000 new brands entered the space in Q3 and that number is expected to grow.
• The guide is divided into five sections: The World as We Hear It: What Podcasting Means Today; The ‘S-Word’: Brand Suitability is Here; Old School vs. New School: When Host Reads and Programmatic Collide; Creating a Sound Approach: Strategy and Case Studies;The Golden Rules: A Bold CTA for the Podcast Industry


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