Acast up, Audacy down

• Acast released its financial report for Q3/22, with revenue at SEK 321m ($29.8m), up 21% y-on-y, or 1.9% q-on-q.
• It claimed 1.3bn listens, with average revenue of SEK 0.24 per listen ($22 per thousand listens).
• Acast made a loss in the quarter of SEK65m ($6m), though improved its profit margin from the previous quarter.
• Audacy published its financial report for Q3/22: digital, including podcasting, made $62m in the quarter: up 2% y-on-y but down 10% q-on=q from last quarter..
Total revenues declined 3%.8% y=onyear .The company is threatened with stock market delisting; stock hit a record low of $027 yesterday,.
Audacy’s problems may help inform where podcasting goes next Tom Webster warns us to do more research respect your audience focus on under 30s and don’t forget a bad dancer by the side of the road


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