5 Rapid eLearning Design Myths That L&D Pros Should Debunk Today

• Rapid eLearning design is a process that allows you to reuse assets you already have, from archived webinars to course templates.
• You need to know the steps involved and pitfalls to steer clear of in order to achieve your objectives and fully engage employees.
• Always Relevant, Never Outdated: Your Rapid eLearning Guide has all the fundamentals you need to speed up the process without scrimping on employee engagement.
• 5 rapid eLearning design myths include: it’s a cookie-cutter approach; rushed development leads to low-quality results; no SMEs or IDs are involved; it has a short shelf-life.
• How To Develop A Successful Rapid eLearning Process includes refining your process, needs analysis, team input, and even some trial and error sprinkled in.


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